Keisha Le'Toy

Keisha Le'Toy

Singles Empowerment Expert

Meet Keisha Le’Toy

Keisha Le’Toy Wayne is an awesome woman of God who is devoted to her God given purpose. She believes in reaching the people with her radiance glow God enriched in her to empower, encourage, and enlighten people across the nation. In 2001, she received her Associates Degree in biblical studies. She answered the call from God to minister His word in June 2013 and understands it is a privilege and honor to serve God and His people. With her passion and talent in singing, she has served as a worship and praise leader and an assistant servant leader assisting the Single’s Ministry. She has ministered at local churches and served as a speaker in workshops and business conferences.

Through her tears, triumph, turbulence, and pain of past relationships being divorced, and having a child out of wedlock brought an intimate relationship with God that she never had. Keisha Le’Toy understands her purpose and the importance of her Singleness by being obedient and totally committed to God with her Mind, Body, and Soul.

With the help of her Mentor/Coach Pastor Monica Haskell, Keisha Le’Toy participated in a Collaborative book with the Women of Prevailing Church International New Castle Delaware, called “Women that Prevail” where she shared her life and testimony. She also authored a Compilation book called “UP NOW” with other women in ministry where she shared an article “Single, Saved, and Living Successful.”

She humbly appreciates Pastor Monica for allowing her to share her story across the globe. Keisha Le’Toy is a member of Full Counsel Metro Church of Little Rock, Arkansas where her pastors are Bishop Silas & Dr. Jennifer Johnson. She loves her church and appreciate God for the spiritual growth she has experienced thus far.

She is a mother of a daughter princess Ashlin Ma’ia whom she loves and very grateful to God for trusting her to nurture.

Keisha Le’Toy loves God and will continue to be led by Him to fulfill His divine purpose and use Godly Wisdom in her daily life.


Have you ever promised yourself  you would begin a certain task on a certain day but you postponed it to another day. Do you have goals that you want to complete, but you can’t find the time? What’s keeping you from starting that project? Are you a Procrastinator? Well I too was a Procrastinator. Matter of fact, I had a passion for Procrastination. In this book, I share the P’s that helped me kill Procrastination. And I pray this book will help you. It’s time to be a finisher!


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